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We create a harmonious relationship with your loved ones.

Seniorhood can be a very isolating experience for many patients who live far away from friends or family. Daily activities increasingly become difficult and there arises a need for a figure to take on the role of assisting the patient and providing companionship.

Our caregivers and aides can act as companions who will be at your loved one’s side to provide them with both supervision and companionship. Your loved ones will appreciate having a friend who will always be there to accompany them.

Services will include:

  • Mobility assistance to mitigate the occurrence of falls or accidents
  • Transferring and positioning assistance, when seniors need to go from one room to another
  • Medication reminders, medication management assistance, and organization
  • Call 911 in case of emergencies
  • Accompaniment in recreational activities so that the senior doesn’t feel lonely


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