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Good Hygiene: Why is it Important?


To achieve optimum health and overall wellness, it is essential to maintain good hygiene. However, with mobility issues that arise as we age, practicing proper hygiene can be a bit of a struggle. But you should not let this be a reason to let yourself succumb to an unhygienic life.

To enlighten, as well as to encourage seniors to maintain good hygiene despite being a senior, a provider of in homecare in South Jersey, NJ has laid out the reasons why proper hygiene is so important:

  • It Reduces the Risks of Diseases.
    Practicing good hygiene like showering regularly and washing your hands effectively eliminates sickness-causing bacteria, germs, and viruses that may be lurking in your body, which significantly reduces your risks of contracting illnesses.
  • It Prevents Serious Skin Conditions.
    When you maintain good hygiene, you also maintain optimum skin health. Practicing good hygiene prevents dirt, bacteria, and sebum build-up that can clog pores and irritate the skin, therefore preventing skin conditions like dermatitis neglect.
  • It Boosts Confidence.
    Yes! Maintaining good hygiene not only improves health but can also boost one’s self-confidence and help you build a better, healthier relationship with yourself.

Are you a senior who needs a helping hand in maintaining good hygiene? If so, allow White Dove Health Agency to help!

We take pride in quality senior care in New Jersey that aims to help seniors attain optimum health and improve their quality of life.

On top of that, we also offer home assistance care in New Jersey that includes personal care and mobility assistance that could help you maintain good hygiene.

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