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Supporting Seniors with Personal Care Tasks


Maintaining personal care can have a powerful impact on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of elderly individuals. For this reason, it is fundamental to learn how to support and promote this aspect when caring for a loved one. Would you like to gain a tip or two? White Dove Health Agency has got you!

Below are a few ways to support seniors’ personal care that we have come to know as a leading provider of in homecare in South Jersey, NJ:

  • Establish a Routine

    Seniors greatly benefit from having established routines. When you create a consistent schedule for activities like bathing, grooming, meals, and medication, you empower them to actively participate and engage in their personal care. Should you encounter difficulties in catering to any of these areas, it is best to seek home assistance care in New Jersey.

  • Utilize Assistive Devices

    Tailor assistive devices like shower chairs, grab bars, and other adaptive or mobility assistance equipment to a senior’s needs. These enable you and your loved one to save time and energy—allowing you to accomplish personal care tasks much more efficiently.

  • Provide Nutrient-Rich Meals

    A healthy diet is an integral element in the effort to promote a senior’s personal care and general health. We recommend understanding the specific vitamins and nutrients that should be included in their meals, which you can easily achieve by enlisting our assistance.

If you are looking for tried-and-true providers of senior care in New Jersey, we might just be what you need. Contact us today!


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