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What Are the Signs That a Senior Needs Home Care?


Many don’t realize their seniors want better conditions at home. Your loved ones may not openly talk about feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or dissatisfaction. That’s what you and Senior Care in New Jersey should look out for. Thankfully, we can make sure that you know when it’s best to consider home care for your loved ones.

Here are some signs that tell you they need home care right now.

  • Social withdrawal
    Has your loved one stopped participating in activities they enjoy? If you notice they’re more reclusive, it’s a sign they need an extra boost from companionship.
  • Reduced appetite
    Have they been eating well? Skipping meals or eating very little is another potential sign that they need in-homecare in Atlantic County, New Jersey to prepare their meals.
  • Poor sleeping habits
    Are their sleeping patterns regular? Even if it isn’t unusual for their age, it is important to have plenty of rest. Caregivers can make sure they are comfortable during the night.
  • Decline in hygiene
    Are your seniors still keeping clean? If they noticeably neglect important hygiene routines like showering or brushing their teeth, then that’s another sign that they need personal care assistance.
  • Mood Swings
    Sudden bursts of emotions can be the result of being unsatisfied at home. Cycling through intense feelings can mean they need heightened Home Assistance Care.

At White Dove Health Agency, our experienced team knows how to answer all your loved one’s needs and more while taking the steps further to keep them happy and healthy. The White Dove promise is quality non-medical care that makes senior living pleasant and comfortable. Contact us and get all your needs answered!

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