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Caring for You When Emergencies Arise

Without supervision and proper guidance, seniors can be prone to accidents inside and outside the home. This is especially true if your senior has limited mobility or is living with a condition that limits their range of motion, strength, and endurance.

As such, it is imperative that we get to look after our vulnerable loved ones prepared and well-trained in first aid. Learning first aid is a great way to spring into action when emergency arises. It is a health care knowledge that everyone must master.

Emergencies follow no schedule and arise without notice. As such, White Dove Health Agency, your trusted provider of home assistance care employs and partners you with caregivers and aides who are well-equipped and trained to follow emergency protocols and provide first aid procedures. With their knowledge and skills on first aid, families and individuals feel more secure being under their care.

Immediate response when emergencies occur is vital to ensuring a positive outcome for the patient. First aid knowledge can also prevent wounds from getting infected or further damaged. You can count on our staff to guide you on the fundamentals of providing CPR and first aid care.

Our care team can also provide individuals and families a list of emergency hotlines and do’s and don’ts in saving lives. Our company provides CPR services and training to boot. We offer CPR classes to organizations, schools, and family members wanting to be CPR certified.

Our senior care in New Jersey strives to put you and your family’s health in top shape. You can count on us when it comes to speedy and dedicated care that truly saves lives.

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