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Keeping Up with Your Senior’s Skin Health


Skincare is strongly recommended for the elderly. Our skin loses moisture, suppleness, and natural renewal as we age. As a result, it is more susceptible to a number of skin disorders and concerns, such as dryness, eczema, and discoloration. Severe consequences may occur if not handled immediately.

Make it a point to help your senior loved ones meet their skincare needs. If it makes it easier for you, enlist the help of our home care in Mays Landing.

Our experts on senior care in New Jersey have been trained in personal care assistance. We made sure of our senior clients’ comfort and confidence through the following skincare steps:

  • Bathing only once daily.
    Overbathing can cause skin dryness, especially if the water is extremely hot or cold.
  • Using mild soap formulations.
    Harsh chemicals can deplete the skin’s natural oils. As a result, we only utilize alcohol-free formulations to keep your loved one moist.
  • After bathing, moisturize.
    While the skin is still slightly damp, we apply a heavy moisturizer or lotion to lock in moisture.
  • Wearing clean, comfortable, soft attire.
    Cotton, cotton/poly mixes, brushed cotton, soft flannels, or fleece clothing can help avoid skin rips. Our in homecare in Atlantic County, New Jersey, can help with laundry assistance and light housekeeping.
  • Hydration is critical for optimum skin health.
    Water is essential for healthy skin. People who regularly drink water are less likely to develop scars, wrinkles, and soft lines. They will also show fewer indications of aging.

These are just a few of the ways we can make your elderly loved one look and feel better. We at White Dove Health Agency are determined to keep them in good condition with our home assistance care.

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