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Factors Contributing to Senior Malnutrition


Malnutrition is frequently as simple as eating too little or having a diet deficient in nutrients, but it may be more complicated for seniors. Seniors may be at risk for malnutrition due to several physical, social, and psychological issues. These are reasons why senior care in New Jersey will frequently watch out for indicators of malnutrition in our senior clients.

Here are some factors that contribute to malnutrition in seniors:

  • Illnesses and medication

    Their ability to absorb nutrition or appetite may get affected by their health conditions and medications. Some illnesses may make it difficult for them to chew or swallow food, which may impact their appetite.

  • Age-related changes

    As people get older, their sense of taste and smell also naturally deteriorate. Seniors may find it harder to enjoy food and maintain their eating habits as they age.

  • Depression

    Depression can result in a loss of appetite and exacerbate grief, loneliness, and isolation. Some seniors need companionship to fight depression.

  • Restricted diets

    Limitations on salt, fat, or sugar in the diet can cause insufficient eating. In homecare in Atlantic County, New Jersey, can help monitor your senior loved ones’ meals and eating habits.

If you are looking for home assistance care to help you address your senior loved one’s eating habits, then White Dove Health Agency is the key. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

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