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How Your Senior Loved Ones Can Stay Active to Avoid Isolation


Feelings of isolation can have cognitive and physical impacts on your senior loved one’s life. That’s why it is important to gain insight into what you can do for your loved ones to avoid periods of isolation. This health concern can be avoided or reduced with proper, proactive steps, such as getting home assistance care.

Aside from getting senior care in New Jersey to help your loved ones enjoy the benefits of being social, engaged with their peers, and active inside and outside, White Dove Health Agency provides tips on how to help your senior loved ones avoid isolation.

Awareness of the problem is the first step, followed by learning ways to help your loved ones stay healthy. Check out these tips:

  • Promote a sense of purpose
    Seniors with a sense of purpose or hobbies are less likely to be prone to social isolation. So, encourage seniors to remain active in their hobbies and interest.
  • Provide access to adequate public transportation
    Through our in homecare in Atlantic County, New Jersey, we make sure to provide transportation to help our clients attend appointments and visit families.
  • Encourage them with a reminder phone call
    Your loved ones will appreciate it if you maintain communication with them. Call them frequently.
  • Encourage Exercise
    With exercise, seniors can get their blood moving in addition to increasing their flexibility and strength.
  • Get Them a Pet
    Pets can actually help lower anxiety and blood pressure and boost memory.

Do everything you can to help your elderly loved one stay socially healthy. If you need help, we are ready to help. Call us now!

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