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Why Personal Hygiene Is So Important To Focus On As a Senior

Home Care Egg Harbor, NJ: Personal Hygiene
Home Care Egg Harbor, NJ: Personal Hygiene

There are various definitions of personal hygiene, yet everyone believes it is essential. Each of the following aspects of hygiene is important in its own way, and seniors who take good care of their hygiene will live longer. Unfortunately, not all seniors can take care of themselves like they used to or are unmotivated. 

Personal hygiene can mean several things like:

  • Hand washing and proper food preparation are two key components of good hygiene.
  • Proper bathing is a part of good hygiene.
  • It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Hair brushing, skin, nail care, and other forms of grooming are all part of hygiene.

If your senior needs more help every day than you can give or you’re unsure how to help with specific things like nail care or food prep, you may need to consider hiring senior home care. Having extra help in your parent’s home is a way to ensure personal hygiene is a primary focus along with other things like physical and mental health. Senior home care is filled with caring professionals who want to help your senior parents live longer. 

Of course, keeping people healthy is the most apparent and crucial reason to practice excellent hygiene. Our immune systems become less effective as we get older, making bacteria and viruses a greater threat. If it isn’t already a habit, washing hands before eating and after using the restroom should be prioritized. Many popular drugs in the elderly population weaken the skin, making it more vulnerable to infection. Use sanitizer or antibacterial soap in places where germs are prevalent, such as hospitals or public transportation.

Bathing may be difficult for those with mobility or balance impairments, and assistance should be considered. It’s not a luxury; it’s a requirement to have a nice bath or shower. Bacteria that cause odor and sickness may be eradicated with a thorough cleaning. Regularly scanning your whole body makes you aware of any anomalies, and identifying problems early offers you the greatest opportunity of correcting them. 

Seniors may not be able to inspect their bodies like they once used to. This is when senior home care can come in handy and help a senior live better. It is so important to keep a senior healthy and avoid bacterial infections. Finally, the energizing sensation of being clean cannot be underestimated. Allow pride to stand in the way of all the positives and seek assistance if necessary, which can keep a senior mentally healthy.

Presenting a positive image to the world can help a senior feel better about living independently. It can be embarrassing having to rely on their kids to bathe and do other things they once did regularly. That is why hiring someone to come over for a few hours a day to help with these activities can be good for a senior. Personal hygiene is something that goes in hand with health. Observing your elderly parents’ cleanliness is a good indicator of potential difficulties with their capacity to care for themselves. Seniors who want to remain independent must practice basic hygiene in order to be healthy and in charge of their own fate.

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